Yes, the default bank account with your SIPP is held with Metro Bank.


If investment growth is less than expected, you may need to make additional contributions to provide the benefits you have planned for. The wide range of investments that you can select will have different levels of risk attached to them, and future investment performance cannot be guaranteed. Some investments may not be readily realisable, and there may be a delay or you may not be able to liquidate the investment when you choose to. We recommend that you consult a financial adviser when looking at different investment options and the options available to you when you wish to take your benefits.
Yes, a SIPP gives you the flexibility to choose and change your investments when you want. There may however be a surrender penalty for moving from one investment to another which should be considered.
No, SIPP is a member-directed pension scheme and therefore all investment decisions are the responsibility of the member and their financial adviser. Neither IVCM nor any of its affiliates give advice relating to the suitability of investments and cannot be held liable for any losses as a result of investments held within your SIPP.
No, you can hold all or part of your money in the default interest bearing SIPP Bank Account held in your name until you are ready to invest. Please check with your financial adviser for the rate of interest currently available.
Our SIPPs accept standard investments as defined by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). This includes investments allowed traditionally by Personal Pensions plus:
  • Equities, Unit Trusts and similar investments
  • Discretionary Fund Managers
  • Execution Only Stock Trading Accounts
  • Gilts & Bonds
  • Fixed Term Deposits
  • Fixed Income Securities
  • Investment Trusts
  • Exchange Traded Funds
  • Property Funds
  • Commercial Property and Land in the UK
Please note that although the above investments are acceptable under the legislation, Heritage Pensions Limited must complete full due diligence on an investment to confirm it’s acceptability before it can proceed. Please contact us if you would like us to confirm an investment’s permissibility prior to submitting. Please note: Investments can go down as well as up in value; past performance is no guarantee of future performance; clients should always take appropriate professional advice on investments. Please note that certain investments may require a higher level of investor sophistication due to the increased risk they carry and further declarations may be required. Please see our Investment Guide for further details.