International Expat SIPP

International Expat SIPP

The United Kingdom is one of the most regulated jurisdictions in the world which has progressed over the years with the introduction of new regulators such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the Pensions Regulator(TPR) and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), who all play a big role in making the UK Financial Services Industry one of the most secure and well regulated industries in the world.

International Expat SIPP

Our International Expat SIPP (Self Invested Personal Pension), is a UK registered Personal Pension Scheme that provides you with a platform to save for a better retirement lifestyle, whether you are living or retiring in the UK or overseas.   

A SIPP is a ‘Defined Contribution’ arrangement that you or your employer may contribute to. It is a very tax efficient method of saving particularly if you live in the UK, as all contributions you make to your SIPP, will be rewarded with a top up from the government in the form of tax relief. Tax relief is not available to you if you are not a resident in the UK.  

A SIPP also offers a much wider range of investment options than standard personal or group personal pension arrangements.  

These range from the following:  

  • UK & Overseas Quoted Stocks and Shares 
  • Collective Investments (i.e. OEICs and Unit Trusts) 
  • Investment Trusts 
  • Property and Land 

Under current legislation, you can begin to withdraw your retirement funds when you reach age 55 and our SIPP will allow you to do so under ‘Flexi Access Drawdown’.  

The International Expat SIPP is operated and administered by PSG SIPP Limited who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 514654. PSG SIPP Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Basi and Basi Financial Planning Limited. The asset trustee for the International Expat SIPP is International SIPP Trustees Limited. 

Key Benefits of a SIPP


When contributing to the SIPP, you may be able to receive tax relief on the contributions you make. A basic rate tax payer living in England or Northern Ireland may benefit from 20% tax relief. Income tax rates differ if you live in Scotland or Wales.


Our SIPP provides you with access to a wide range of investment options to enable you to achieve the best possible investment growth.


The investment funds held within a SIPP can usually grow free from UK Income and Capital Gains Tax. You may be taxed on dividend income however.


Once you reach age 55, you can withdraw as much or as little of your pension funds as you require under our ‘Flexi Access Drawdown’ facility, giving you complete control over your money.

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