The personal, simple and affordable way to transfer your pension to Gibraltar.

If you live in the EU and have pension funds held in the UK, then moving your funds to Gibraltar may be the answer for you.

Income tax levels at a very low 2.5%
A tax-free lump sum in retirement of up to 30%
No Lifetime Allowance restriction
Greater investment flexibility in comparison to a UK SIPP
No tax charges upon death
As an EU resident, you will not be subject to the 25% Overseas Transfer Charge.

At IVCM we make retirement saving easy, so call us today and take the next step to building a secure future for you and your family.

The IVCM (Gibraltar) Retirement Annuity Trust is a Defined Contribution Scheme approved by Gibraltar’s Income Tax Office. The trustees are IVCM Trustees (Gibraltar) Limited which has been given the full Class XVI Pension Scheme Controller license by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.


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How it Works



Print, complete and return our new business application forms.

Our application form also includes a letter of authority so that we can deal directly with your existing UK pension provider so you don’t have to.

Personal ID

Personal ID

Provide certified copies of ID Documents

One should be a copy of your passport or driving license as photographic identity and the other a recent bank statement or utility bill, as proof of address.



Post or email your completed documents to us

Post all documents to us or scan all your documents and email it to to get the process underway immediately.

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