IVCM Gibraltar QNUPS

IVCM Gibraltar QNUPS

QNUPS stands for Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme. An alternative retirement solution to a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme.

IVCM Gibraltar QNUPS

A QNUPS is a Qualifying Non-UK Pension Scheme which provides you with an alternative means of saving for retirement outwith other retirement saving options.

A QNUPS is similar to a QROPS but there are differences between the two products. A QNUPS can allow alternative investment options such as direct residential property, paintings, antiques and wine. As a QNUPS does not normally form part of your estate, these assets can be placed into the QNUPS in order to be shielded from any potential Inheritance Tax liability. This is a common reason why they are seen as an effective estate planning tool.

Key Benefits


You may invest in a wide variety of investments with a QNUPS. Examples are direct residential property, paintings, antiques and wine, which are not normally available with a QROPS.


The assets within the QNUPS do not normally form part of your estate, making the QNUPS an effective estate planning tool.


You can normally contribute as much as you like to the QNUPS and not be restricted to your total savings as you are in the UK.

Product Documents

Application Form

Key Features

Terms and Conditions

Fees Schedule 2024

Investment Policy

Form 1 - Appointment of Adviser

Form 2 - Benefit Request

Form 3 - Change of Details & Beneficiary Nomination

Form 4 - Early Encashment Declaration

Form 5 - Execution Only Transfer Declaration

Form 6 - QROPS Professional Client Declaration

Form 7 - Structured Product Declaration

Form 8 - Unlisted Share Questionnaire

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